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Rosie Pike, Librarian, Bishops Stortford College, Hertfordshire
Kirsty showed the children the manuscript of her latest book with all the pencilled-in revisions, proving it's not just teachers who think editing is an important part of writing stories! A really lovely and inspiring day for us all.

Sarah Parry, Literacy Co-ordinator, Ronald Ross Primary, Wandsworth
Thank you SO much for yesterday. You were such a great writerly ambassador for our children and they’ve been buzzing about your visit ever since.

Linda Huxley, Librarian, Rokeby School, Kingston upon Thames
Your manner with the children is perfect and you certainly got them feeling creative and confident enough to ask lots of questions, which will really help with writing their own stories.

Chris Jenkins, Head of English, Aldenham School, Hertfordshire
The children were all really engaged ... we only wish we had booked the full day.

Thomas, Year 6, Emanuel School, Battersea
I learnt a lot from you.  I think you made me remember how much fun you can have writing a story.  I have also learnt to let my imagination run wild.  You taught me how to paint a picture using words.

Luke, Albermarle Primary, Wandsworth
Your workshop was brilliant. I thought it was so interactive and I think you got us to read a lot more.  Many of us, including me, have stopped playing at playtime and instead we read your books or write stories.

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