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Kirsty Riddiford Books
Prophecies of Ballitor


Book One: Ben and the Book of Prophecies

Plunge into a world of adventure with Ben, a 12 year old thief living on the streets of the royal city of Quadrivium, whose life changes forever when he is sent by the queen’s mother on a quest to find the Book of Prophecies. The action moves swiftly from the palace dungeons to the world outside Quadrivium’s walls, a world of talking birds, shamans and mythical creatures. Pieces of Ben’s past fall into place as he follows the clues that will lead him to the Book of Prophecies. But not everyone wants the Book to be found.

Book Two: Race for the Heir

Danger stalks the royal city of Quadrivium. The king is discovered dead in suspicious circumstances and the young prince is found to be an imposter. When a shaman tells Ben that the fate of his long-lost mother is linked to that of the true heir to the throne, he immediately sets out to find the prince. But he’s not alone. Ben must race against his enemies in a perilous journey across the Sylver Sea, to unveil the secrets of the Abbey of the Ancients and return Prince Alexander to Quadrivium.

Book Three: Meridian Obsidian

Ben realises he has to find a way to stop his greatest enemy once and for all. To do this, he must locate the mythical Cave of All Souls. The Book of Prophecies offers up a single clue to its existence: Meridian Obsidian, a hard, glasslike substance believed to line the walls of the cave. When Ben comes across it in the most dangerous place he's ever been, he wonders whether the price for defeating the pale man is simply too high.

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